I used to use sheet masks very often, at least 3 or 4 times a week. However, since the birth of my daughter, I really couldn’t muster up the time to use it so frequently. Once a week is the most that I can use them these days. I’ve tried many different brands of sheet mask before, from My Beauty Diary to Faith in Face. I find that sheet masks are generally good for hydrating your skin in a flash but unfortunately the effects don’t last. Out of all those different types, my favourite are the sheet masks from L’Herboflore, in particular their Royal Bird’s Nest Nourishing Mask. Let’s check out its ingredients, shall we?



I didn’t type out the ingredients unlike my previous posts because the ingredients were so long and I didn’t want to misspell them.

How does the L’Herboflore Royal Bird’s Nest Nourishing Mask fare?

I first got to know about the L’Herboflore range of masks while I was watching a very popular beauty show based in Taiwan called Queen (女人我最大). Products which were featured in that show were basically guaranteed to sell out as soon as people knew about them. So when I was in Taiwan for a vacation, I knew that I MUST get my paws on those masks. I bought a whole range of masks from their cosmetic counters back to Singapore. It also doesn’t help that their sales personnel was generous with free gifts with purchase. So me and my friend basically went back with 2 suitcase full of their masks. Now generally I find that all of L’Herboflore masks are of good quality and helps in hydrating. BUT the Royal Countess series (there’s another Royal Pearl Brightening mask in the same series) is really good!

I got a shock when I stared into the mirror after using this mask for the very first time. My skin looked so bright, even toned, hydrated and poreless, basically flawless! And the effects actually lasted for 2 or 3 days… NONE of the sheet masks that I’ve used before had this kind of effect on my skin.. I can’t really compare its effects with the famous SKII masks because I’m allergic to SKII but I can vouch that to date, none of my masks has made such a significant improvement in my skin within just 15 minutes! I think that it’s especially good before an important event where you need to look good fast!

Another thing which I must mention is that this mask is separated into the top half and the bottom half. Basically, you just tear off the packet and apply the bottom U shaped piece onto the lower half of the face, using the mouth hole as a guide. Then you need to adjust the bottom piece to adhere the mask onto the cheeks and along the jawline. Later, you apply the top piece onto the face, using the eye holes as a guide. I find that the design of this mask is excellent in helping the mask adhere to your skin better and all of your face should be evenly covered. After that, you can leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes, then remove and discard.  You can then gently pat the residual serum into your skin and it should absorb well. There should also be extra essence left in the packet of the mask and you can also apply them to your elbows or knees to moisturise them since these areas of your body are more prone to dryness.


The mask is divided into the top and bottom half!

Where can you find it?

L’Herboflore is a brand of masks which originated from Taiwan. I first bought them from the cosmetic counters in Taipei but you can also buy them online from BGO Taiwan online store. In Taiwan, the Royal Countess series of masks is sold in a box of 3. It retails for NT$360 (30ml x 3) for one box.

I think you can also buy them from TMall which is based in China. The only difference is that I think that those masks which you buy from TMall are made in China while those masks that you buy from BGO Taiwan are made in Taiwan.

Thank you for reading!

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