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From Left to Right: Jane Scrivner Affirmative Firming Toning Facial Oil; The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil; Black Chicken Remedies Love your Face Serum; La Belle Lune Organic Skin; Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Hi guys! As promised in my previous post, today I’ll be sharing with you my facial oil collection and how I actually incorporate them into my skincare regime. The thing about facial oils is that they are really versatile and you can literally use them in many different ways. I’m going to share with you some of my favourite ways of using them.

1) Mixing face oil into my moisturiser

I believe that this method is perhaps the most common way of using facial oils. I just mix 2 to 3 drops of facial oil into my moisturiser, swipe them over my palms and apply all over my face. Easy peasy!

2) Mixing face oil into my serum

Ok, this is a super lazy method which I use when I’m really not in the mood for long complicated routines (which are sadly more common nowadays!*sigh*). I mix 5 drops of facial oil into my hydrating serum to form an emulsion and just apply that to go to sleep. That’s it, done! I get both my hydrating needs and my lipid needs all in one. I don’t even bother putting another cream on top and my skin still feels alright, not fantastic but still bearable.

3) Apply face oil before applying sheet mask

This is a method which I found out recently after watching the Taiwanese beauty show Women (女人我最大). Basically after you have cleansed and toned, you apply a thin layer of face oil and then you apply a sheet mask on top. When you remove your sheet mask after around 20 minutes, you might just be blinded by the luminosity of your skin! Haha.. Ok, I’m not really kidding.. I was quite blown away by the results when I tried that tip for the first time. It might take a bit longer to massage in the residual serum + oil into your skin after you are done masking but your skin will look so much brighter, softer and really really supple.

4) Mixing face oil into your clay mask

This tip is for those of you with dry skin who would like the clarifying effects of a clay mask but cannot tolerate the somewhat drying effects of it as well. The oil will actually keep your clay mask from drying up. When you rinse it away after around 20 minutes, your skin will feel the cleansing effects of the mask minus the unbearable tightness. Pretty nice!

5) On its own

Ok, this is pretty self-explanatory. So sometimes I would just spray a ton of hydrating mist on my face and put about 5 drops of facial oil on my palms, swipe it and press it on my face. Nice and easy and fast!

Side Note: By the way, would any of you want full reviews of the face oils which are in my collection? Let me know!

Thank you for reading!

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