As mentioned in my previous post where I discussed NIOD’s CAIS and MMHC, I purchased the NIOD set during the Black Friday Sales in Nov 2016 which included a 90ml tube of the Sanskirt Saponins (SS). SS is described by NIOD as a viscous and intense cleaning balm for the face formulated with highly-concentrated, very-unrefined Ayurvedic plant surfactants unsupported by any modern cleaning technology. So basically NIOD’s SS is a cleanser. However, you need to note that NIOD had specifically indicated that SS is not intended to remove makeup. If makeup is present, you’ll need to remove it first with a makeup remover before using SS. As usual, let’s check out its ingredients below, shall we?


Aqua (Water), Sapindus Mukurossi Fruit Extract, Stearic Acid, Arginine, Glycerin, PPG-26-buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Polysorbate 60, Sodium Polyacrylate, Acacia Concinna Fruit Extract, Balanites Aegyptiaca (Desert Date) Fruit Extract, Gypsophila Paniculata Root Extract, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Sorbic Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin

How does the NIOD’s Sanskrit Saponins fare?

Firstly, let me just rant a bit about NIOD’s packaging for SS because it really bothered me. It is housed in a metal toothpaste-like tube where you need to break the seal on the opening before you screw back the cap. However, I do not know if it’s due to the pressure inside the tube but the product just kept gushing out after you break its seal. Even after using it for a while, you’ll need to quickly screw back the cap or else the product is going to keep leaking. This situation only stopped when you are about to finish up the whole tube! So you are going to have to live with the fact that there will be product build-up left around the opening and you can’t really clean it as you need to screw the cap in order to stop the leaking. It also means that there is unnecessary product wastage which  leaves me really quite irritated. Alright, rant over!


It’s not a soft drink but you get the idea…

Besides the above misgivings about the packaging of SS, I actually really liked the cleanser itself. NIOD claims that after the first use, SS leaves the skin looking nearly pore-free and its surface exceptionally cleaned — as if it’s radiating from within. With continued use, SS visibly targets all forms of build-up, blemishes, congestion and impurities. I do not think that NIOD’s claims were too exaggerated.

When I first used this cleanser, I noticed that this is definitely not a foaming cleanser. However, I wouldn’t call this a cream or lotion-like cleanser. In my opinion, NIOD’s SS has more of a slippery yet slightly gritty puree texture, kind of like the viscous puree of vegetable juice. It also has a slightly musty smell of curry leaves (!) but it doesn’t linger so don’t worry. You should also be warned that this product definitely shouldn’t be anywhere near your eyes because it will sting like crazy if you get any product in them (accidentally tried and tested by yours truly!). Anyway, when I rinsed off the product after massaging it into the skin for around a minute, I realised that my skin felt really clean, the kind of clean your skin feels after you have used an excellent non-drying clay mask. My skin looked radiant, calm and clean (I couldn’t emphasise this enough!). NIOD stated that SS is best to be used on alternate days as it might be too drying to use every day. I had actually tried using it everyday for one whole week and I didn’t feel that it was too drying. However, I must highlight that I have combination skin so those with drier skins than mine might not feel the same way. All in all, NIOD’s SS is an excellent cleanser that has surpassed my expectations! I’d finished using one whole tube and have already repurchased this product!

Where can you find it?

I purchased it from their official website. It retails at US$34 (90ml sized) and US$62 (180ml sized).

Thank you for reading!

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