Hi guys! I’ve interrupted my normal scheduled posting to inform you guys about this NEW mask from Korean’s premium skincare brand Sulwhasoo! About a week back, I saw a promotion on Facebook that invited people to redeem samples of their Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask. Therefore I signed up and got myself one! This mask comes in a sheet mask form but instead of the traditional sheet masks which comes soaked in watery essence, it is actually soaked in their Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream.

What is it?

This mask is the first ever creamy sheet mask enriched with ginseng for instant and deep anti-ageing care vitality thoroughly delivered into the skin via an innovative Double Wrapping Sheet™. Essentially, it delivers 8X more Compound K (the saponin from ginseng roots which is also Sulwhasoo’s exclusive and patented ginseng anti-aging substances) – In a single sheet mask!

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Any results?

Well, since I’ve only got that one mask, I can’t vouch for any long term effects. Anyway I don’t really believe that sheet masks have any long term effects (unless you are using them every single day!) but I could tell you the instantaneous effects that I saw from using this mask.

Just wanna show you guys that the sheet mask is separated into the top and bottom halves!

Being that this is afterall a mask from Sulwhasoo, everything from the packaging to the fit of the mask is excellent. In the above photo, you could see that because the mask is separated into the top and bottom halves, it adheres to the contours of the face much better than other masks out there on the market. This tight adherence to the contours of the face is apparently also due to the Double Wrapping Sheet™ which is an innovative dual-layer sheet mask. It offers a differentiated adhesion and skin penetration – outer film sheet for adhesion and ventilation and inner micro-structure sheet for capturing and delivering potency. Additionally, the texture of the mask itself could only be described as luxuriously sublime. It is actually a thin layer of cream spread on the mask and there’s no nasty slimy essence crawling down your neck. I could basically work on my laptop while using this mask and it’s still perfectly fine. Sulwhasoo would advise you to wear this mask for around 20 minutes and that’s basically what I did. However, I do believe that you could wear this mask for as long as you want (perhaps up to even an hour!) since it won’t dry out unlike other normal wet sheet masks.

Just look at the beautiful signature Sulwhasoo motifs on this mask!

When I removed the mask after around 20 minutes, I noticed that my skin looked more lifted and there’s a soft translucent glow to it. I must say, however, I didn’t noticed a drastic one shade lighter effect which I’d gotten with L’Herboflore sheet masks. The Sulwhasoo beauty adviser informed me that I could just sleep with the mask without layering other night creams over it so I followed her advice. My skin the next morning is visibly more hydrated, softer and the most obvious result is the lack of puffiness in my face (I usually look very bloated in the mornings due to water retention). Although I do not think that this mask is holy grail material for me, if you’ve the budget to accommodate Sulwhasoo’s products into your skincare routine, this is an excellent hydrating and lifting mask that would make your day/night just a little more luxurious!

Where can you find it?

In Singapore, you could find Sulwhasoo at Tangs, Takashimaya, Robinsons The Heerens as well as its standalone boutiques at ION Orchard, Westgate and Capitol Building.

You can also purchase it from Zalora SG.

It retails at S$148 (5 sheets).

Thank you for reading!

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