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Today I’m not going to talk about product reviews. Today I would like to talk about ageing, or more precisely the beauty of ageing. Recently I saw this video that Allure produced on “Dispelling Beauty Myths: Aging With Grace” and it spoke to me so much that I needed to write it down and record how I felt while watching it.

Below is the video which touched me so much.


The buzzword in the beauty industry has always been anti-ageing. Rarely do you see older women having much of a presence in the beauty industry, or if they were, they were usually not being positively portrayed. It’s like “Look at that woman with all those wrinkles! Buy my cream so that you’ll not look like her!” and advertisers routinely get away with putting out such messages due to the ageist society which we live in. Watching this video made me realised that no matter how old you get, the essence of the person that you are inside wouldn’t really change too much. Living in a society that shuns ageing so much, it is reassuring to see that these women in the video are still out there living their best lives and proving that growing older does not need to be scary. Although I’m only 32 years old this year, I could still remember the time when I was around 28 ~ 29 years old and dreading the big 3-0. Now I just laugh at these memories because I mean really, what’s the alternative of getting older? It is death. Then I started to remember all the people that I knew throughout my life who were not given the opportunity to age, and I was humbled and grateful that I’m alive. I’m still living and I’m given the chance to experience all that life has to offer.

Ageing doesn’t have to be a lonely and scary experience. Just like women much younger than them, these women still enjoy doing things that make them feel beautiful, whether it be getting new clothes or getting their nails done or buying a new lipstick. It makes me feel hopeful and happy that if I ever live to that age, I could still retain their kick-ass attitude to life and the confidence to live it to the best of my ability. Each milestone of my life, whether it is entering my 30s, 40s, 50s and so on, is an incredible privilege and I hope that I’ll have fun with each passing decade.

Thank you for reading!

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