It’s so beautiful!

The team behind “A Better Florist” reached out to me and asked if I’m interested in reviewing their flower bouquets. It was an intriguing proposition to me, especially since I love receiving flowers and their bouquets look so beautiful on their website. A Better Florist is a Singapore-based online firm that aims to provide a better flower delivery service. They source directly from flower farms in the Cameron Highlands to offer the freshest flowers at an affordable price. Its selection of hand-crafted bouquets are said to be around 20 per cent cheaper than the competition, and its flowers are fresher as there is no middleman. It’s pretty simple to order from their website – you log onto the website, pick the bouquet that you like <currently 14 different bouquets as well as 3 bundles (flowers together with gifts) are available>, and choose your preferred time and place for delivery. The florist will deliver the bouquet and also a hand-written card for a personal touch.  I’ve looked through their website and think that they offer an interesting choice of flowers that are pretty uncommon in Singapore at reasonable prices.

For my review, I chose “The Allison”. “The Allison” is a bouquet made up of multi-hued tulips and sprinkled with meadow whites. From the website, it claims that you “Send The Allison to celebrate the heartiest of loves, the cheeriest of friendships, the biggest of congratulations”. I love the meaning underlying tulips (it symbolises perfect love) and also thought that the bouquet looks beautiful. Delivery went pretty smoothly. I requested for them to deliver the flowers on a weekend morning and it swiftly arrived at my doorstep at around 10 am.

A close-up of the beautiful flowers!

When I received the flowers, I was struck by how gloriously vibrant and sweet-smelling they are. The flowers came wrapped in their signature burlap sack packaging with a bright orange-striped ribbon. Tulips are pretty uncommonly gifted in Singapore so I wasn’t quite sure on what to expect. But guys, they are honestly so pretty! They are not too elegant, too romantic, too big, too small, or too bright; and in the words of Goldilocks, it is just right. A Better Florist even provides a small packet of flower fertiliser for you to pour into the vase when you display the flowers so that they would last longer. How thoughtful is that?!

So if you are looking to buy flowers for either a special someone, your friends or even your family, you can consider “A Better Florist” for a lovely experience.

Where can you find it?

You can purchase the flowers from their website. Delivery is free for all customers.

Use promo code “ABETTERWELCOME” for $5 off your first order! Enjoy!

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