Sulwhasoo’s Gentle Cleansing Foam is a longtime favourite of mine. I had been using it quite consistently since 2012 but stopped when other newer and more exciting products caught my wandering eye. Anyway in August 2017, while browsing the Changi Airport Duty Free shops (I went on a short trip to Myanmar), I saw this product being sold in  in a duo set for a great price. I grabbed the chance and bought it, together with their Gentle Cleansing Oil (Full Review here), since its normal retail price is much higher.

As usual, the ingredients of the Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam are as below for your reference:

How does the Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam fare?

I think by now you would guess that I still love this product and you would be absolutely right! It is a gentle low-pH foaming cleanser that does its job very well. You definitely shouldn’t use it to remove makeup since I don’t think its cleansing abilities are that strong. However, it is perfect as a second cleanse once you have removed your makeup. Being that it is from Sulwhasoo, it is to be expected that this cleanser would have the comforting smell of oriental herbs (to me at least!). However, even if you dislike the smell of oriental herbs, you can rest assured that the smell is not strong and it also doesn’t linger.

I actually don’t have much more to say about this product. It is perfectly functional, lathers beautifully despite being pH-balanced, rinses off cleanly without leaving any residue and smells great to me. I really don’t think anybody would actively dislike this product, unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this product or if you have very dry skin and hates foaming cleansers.

Where can you find it?

I bought this product from Changi Airport Duty Free shops. It retails at S$68.30 (a duo set consisting of 200ml sized bottles).

In Singapore, you could find Sulwhasoo at Tangs, Takashimaya, Robinsons The Heerens as well as its standalone boutiques at ION Orchard, Westgate and Capitol Building.

It retails at S$50 (200ml sized) at the usual beauty counters.

Thank you for reading!


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