I’d spoken highly of Dr Jart’s Ceramidin Cream before (Read full review here!) and I was so intrigued when I found out on Instagram that they had came up with an improved formula for their cream as well as a NEW product, which is the Ceramidin serum. I had a hunch that both would work well for me so I bought them without much hesitation.

As per my normal posts, I’ve included the ingredients list for both products as below.

Ingredients for Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream (NEW formula):

Ingredients for Dr Jart Ceramidin Serum (NEW product):

How does the Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream fare?

If you look through the ingredients for the NEW formula of the Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream, you might notice that it has included additional ceramides. The original formula only contains Ceramide 3 (aka Ceramide NP) despite its name while the new formula includes Ceramide AP (aka Ceramide 6), Ceramide AS (aka Ceramide 5), Ceramide NS (aka Ceramide 2), in addition to its original Ceramide 3. I had also noticed that my new favourite ingredient, the super anti-inflammatory Tumeric Root Extract, was thrown into the mix as well. Therefore it could be said that I was expecting great things from this product.

Well, after using this product consecutively nightly for one month in Singapore, as well as day and night for 10 days in the freezing winter conditions in Northern China, I can confidently tell you that this cream has indeed met or even exceeded my expectations. All of my original thoughts on this product still stands, with the interesting observation that this product seems to sit well on my makeup during daytime now. I’m not quite sure if it was due to the super dry and cold weather in China that I can comfortably use this in the daytime without affecting my makeup though. I just know that it’s crazy how nourished, hydrated and soft my skin looks and feel in sub-zero temperatures after using this product. If you are suffering from dull dry skin this winter, I would highly recommend that you get your hands on this product asap!

How does the Dr Jart Ceramidin Serum fare?

The Dr Jart Ceramidin Serum is a NEW product in their Ceramidin range. In fact, if you are interested, Dr Jart has also released a whole new range of Ceramidin body products and apparently, they are highly raved in Korean beauty circles.

Anyway, back to this product. It has the same smell as the Ceramidin Cream (a light mildly herbal scent, nothing offensive if you are worried) with the exception being that it is much much lighter in texture than the Ceramidin Cream. Although it does not have your typical watery hydrating serum type of texture, its light gel-cream texture sinks rapidly into the skin while instantly hydrating your skin, leaving it feeling substantially nourished and protected. It’s quite amazing that despite its relatively lighter texture, you can definitely feel that it is a hydrating powerhouse. Immediately after application, I can literally see my skin plumped up and it looks brighter and feels so soft. Although I typically won’t recommend that you use a serum without a moisturiser on top to lock in the goodness, I kind of feel that with this product, you might be able to get away with using it alone if you have oily combination skin.

The Ceramidin Serum has a light gel-cream texture!

Using both of these products together while I was in China for my sister-in-law’s wedding has definitely saved my skin from drying out. In fact, my skin felt so unbelievably soft and smooth that even my husband had asked to use my products (Haha!).

In Conclusion…

My combination dry skin loves both of these Ceramidin products and I think that using them together seems to magnify their hydrating and nourishing powers. If you have dry skin, you’ll love these products. If you have oily skin, you might find the cream a little too rich and would like to explore using the serum instead.

Where can you find it?

I bought these products from Qoo10.sg. The prices of these products has a range of around S$36++ to S$40++ on that platform. It is not available in Sephora Singapore yet. I bought the Ceramidin Serum for S$36.90 (40ml sized) and the Ceramidin Cream for S$45.90 (50ml sized).

Thank you for reading!

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