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Just some random thoughts

I resigned from my job last week.. It was the first time throughout my 12 years of working professionally that I quit my job before I get a new one.. I felt liberated and yet incredibly anxious at the same time.. I was always the planner, the careful meticulous planner who doesn’t like much surprises.. My colleagues were quite shocked that I quit my … Read More Just some random thoughts

Today I learnt that a lack of interest is a sign of depression…

I can’t remember exactly when I started losing interest in stuff that I used to enjoy.. But I think it was around 3 years ago.. I first lost interest in my job, then I lost interest in all the other things that l like.. Its as if I was numb to everyone and everything. I don’t feel much sadness or joy or even much … Read More Today I learnt that a lack of interest is a sign of depression…

I’m Taking A Short Break…

Hey guys, I’ll be taking a short break for around 2 weeks from my blog since I’ll be overseas to attend the wedding of a family member. I’ve also realised that it’s going to be the start of Chinese Lunar New Year festivities very soon! Here’s wishing all my Chinese readers a very happy Lunar New Year and may the God of Fortune spread … Read More I’m Taking A Short Break…


It’s the first day of 2018!!! Happy New Year you guys! Here’s hoping that the new year brings you love, peace and joy!

Cleansers which are Always in my Stash

Out of all the skincare categories, nothing quite gets me like a new cleanser does. Firstly it’s so easy and fast to gauge how a cleanser is working for you, secondly I love seeing a fresh clean face right after I finish cleansing. I’m not sure why but my skin never look as good as when I’ve just washed my face. I  have easily 6 … Read More Cleansers which are Always in my Stash

My Facial Oil Collection and How I use Them

Hi guys! As promised in my previous post, today I’ll be sharing with you my facial oil collection and how I actually incorporate them into my skincare regime. The thing about facial oils is that they are really versatile and you can literally use them in many different ways. I’m going to share with you some of my favourite ways of using them. 1) … Read More My Facial Oil Collection and How I use Them

Just a short note!

Hi All! Just to let you guys know that I’ve just gone for a minor surgery and won’t be posting as frequently to focus my efforts on getting better. I’ve scheduled posting for every Monday and Friday from now on till mid June 2017 since I really don’t have the energy or the mood to post more frequently than that! Thanks for reading! Hope … Read More Just a short note!

The Beginning

New Beginnings!